We rent contemporary styled bedrooms in a cozy and private residential area in the Geliu Avenue (Gėlių aikštė) near the tennis court of Palanga. You are welcome to stay in one or two of our bedroom apartments either with ensuite or shared amenities.

Those who are of a need for comfort can choose any or both of the bedrooms at the first floor of the apartment house or a cozy private little flat at the ground floor. The flat by the way also has a built in fireplace.

However those who prefer lower charges against the comfort do have an option for the guest, double or the budget bedroom. However all amenities (such as the bathroom, the shower room and the kitchen) are shared in all of these rooms.

If you wish to get away from the razzle- dazzle and a street noise, the bedrooms we rent will allow you to indulge to a real peace and relaxation.