Western bedroom no.2

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This bedroom has a private kitchen, wc and shower. It was renovated by joining 3 small rooms together, so there is enough space for your comfortable stay. Room windows are on the west side, so in the evenings you can enjoy the setting sun. 

Check in: daily after 2 pm.
Check out: until 12 am.

Basic information about the bedroom
Bedroom type Bedroom suits 2-3 people
Facilities Kitchen, wc, shower, cable tv, fireplace, wireless 
Seasonal charge 40 - 47 €
Non seasonal charge 20 - 28 €
  1. Prices are approximate as factual prices might differ.
  2. Prices are estimated for two persons. Every additional person will be charged extra.
  3. There is a small charge (3 €) for bed linen so you are welcomed to bring your own bed linen.

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