Southern bedroom

Sauthern bedroom Sauthern bedroom
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This is the most spacious and lightest bedroom. It has an interflowing pallet of blue and yellow. They both create a vibrant and positive mood. Here you will get a good rest and a peaceful relaxation.

This bedroom has a wide and comfortable king sized bed and a futon that could accommodate up to two kids.

The bedroom has also a small balcony that will be perfect for your morning coffee routine or a pleasant afternoon with a good book. This is an ensuite hotel - style bedroom and this allows you to feel a full privacy.

Check in: daily after 2 pm.
Check out: until 12 am.

Basic information about the bedroom
Bedroom type Double (can accommodate up to 3 people or 2 people  with 2 kids)
Facilities Kitchen, WC, Shower room, Cable TV, Wireless Broadband, Balcony
Seasonal charge * 40 - 47 €
Non seasonal charge * 20 - 25 €
  • Prices are approximate as factual prices might differ.
  • Prices are estimated for two persons. Every additional person will be charged extra.
  • There is a small charge (3 €) for bed linen so you are welcomed to bring your own bed linen.

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